Why Ship With Us?

Why US

7 Amazing Ways to Experience Mr. Ship It Services

  • Look up for the shipping rates. As low as $ 1.30 per lb. Get a shipping quote for items ship to the Bahamas before you purchase online. You can rest assured that you pay the lowest shipping rates in the country.
  • Sign up to get FREE personal Mr. Ship U.S Address. You get free U.S mail address so you can ship your item here. No yearly fees included. No commitments start and stop shipping as you please. This is your address forever!
  • Shop online with ANY Retailer. Order your items online and include your FREE U.S Mailing address on the checkout. It’s like shopping in the U.S and around the world without going there.
  • Speedy notifications after your packages reach your US Address. Get real-time status update via your email and cell phone. Now you know where your item’s whereabouts before it arrives.
  • Why USShop online without a credit card and even use computers We help you find the items you like and buy them for you. We charge a low rate of 10% of your order total.
  • Faster and stress-free Checkout No more long waiting or multiple lines to pick up your package. Our pick up process allows you to collect your items in a short time with no lines.
  • Your package is here. Pick your item at our Nassau office or delivery to your Family Island. Come over to our office and collect your item once we notify you by email and text message. Not in Nassau, Don’t stress we deliver to all Family Islands!
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