How it Works

The Bahamas’ only superhero has arrived

Mr Ship It saves your online shopping experience from high shipping cost and late delivery.

Now, it’s so easy to receive your package from the Online and anywhere in the world without leaving the Bahamas.

Mr. Ship It is as simple as 1..2..3

3 Easy Ways To Get Started.

  • step 1 Sign up and get your very own U.S mailing address for FREE
    Receive free U.S mail address so you can ship your item here. No yearly fees included. No monthly commitment needed.
  • step 2 Shop from your favorite U.S retailers
    Order your items online and include your free U.S mail address on the checkout. It’s like shopping in the U.S without going to the U.S.
  • step 3 Your package is here. Pick your item at our Nassau office.
Really exceeded my expectations! Efficient service with a smile & extremely affordable!