About Us

Better shipment solutions. For Bahamians.

We understand how you feel – you need gifts for someone special. You find it online and try to purchase from the U.S online retailers. You are excited to know that the items can be shipped to the Bahamas.

But here’s a catch – most merchants charge you more for the shipping cost. More than what you should pay for items ship to the Bahamas!

You are getting frustrated with the fee. You feel you can’t get items you want for your special ones. You don’t want to let them down.

You keep wondering, ‘is there any solution for this problem? Is there a better way to ship items from the U.S to the Bahamas?'

Of course…

Mr. Ship It is about helping Bahamians get items from the US, whether from South Florida or an online shopping, without getting irritated over high courier fees and late delivery.

We are proud Bahamian freight forwarding company offering reliable, fast and affordable shipping between the Islands of the Bahamas and the United States.

As an innovative company , We help Bahamians get the best shipping rates in the country. You also be given a FREE US postal address, with charges only levied when goods are bought or shipped.


Best rates in the country.Highly recommended to anyone. You will not be disappointed.