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"Thanks to Mr. Ship It, my family can all have their OWN mailing address. I don't have to hassle any of my friends who are 'going over' to Nassau to take their stuff."
- Carnid Arthur, Bahamian in Fort Lauderdale, FL

"A freight forwarding company that ships to ALL the FAMILY ISLANDS! The prices are convenient. TWO THUMBS UP!! Thank God for this company Mr.ship it."
- DJ Ingraham, Frequent Shopper, Inagua, Bahamas

"I’m so happy that I now have somewhere to send my family in Nassau items through at such a low price! Mr. Ship It is definitely making life easier and cheaper."
- Adissa Gibson, Bahamian in Daytona, Florida

"Was skeptical at first, but I must say I'm impressed after receiving my packages. Great customer service. Great prices. I'll be back very soon. Like others said, good bye X-press it, HELLO Mr. Ship It!!!"
- Deche' Fowler

"With the FREE US Mail service, I can now get all my U.S. credit card bills on time!"
-Rondino Ferguson, Frequent Shopper, Nassau Bahamas

"Got my first two packages today goodbye xpress it hello Mr ship it."
- Kelson King, Bahamain in Nassau, Bahamas

"Excellent Customer Service !!!!! Pleasant Staff. I am so HAPPY to be a customer ☆★☆ THANK YOU MR. SHIP IT !!!"
- Lashondra Stuart, Nassau Bahamas

"Such friendly and courteous staff..Glad that I switched from the other guy..."
- Vanessa Sawyer, Nassau Bahamas

"Just got even better. I'm on my 4th time around and its even better than before. Excited to keep on shipping. Woot! Woot!"
- Sheniqua Stubbs

"Been using Mr Ship it for a lil while now! Excellent customer service #Eugene is always a second away to answer the phone to assist in whatever you need. Thumbs up to you Mr Ship it!!!" - Shanae Felies, Jamaican living and shopping in Nassau, Bahamas

"OMG Wow!! I must admit at first i was a bit skeptical but today you really exceeded my expectations! Efficient service with a smile & extremely affordable! I am truly impressed! Oh and by the way I'm deleting my express it account."
- Frankia Josey - "Fave store online retailer is Walmart"

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7 Reasons Why Mr. Ship It is So Amazing.

  • LOWEST SHIPPING RATES in the country.
  • FREE Personal US Shipping Address.
  • SHOP ANY US Retailer.
  • Real-time status update via your email and cell phone.
  • Pick your item at our convenient Nassau office or delivery to your Family Island.
  • No more long waiting or multiple lines to pick up your package.

Don’t let high courier fees gets in your way. Mr Ship It fights for you.